Use Industrial Nitrocellulose for Firework
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Nitrocellulose (cellulose nitrate): is a highly flammable compound formed by nitrating cellulose through exposure to nitric acid or another powerful nitrating agent.

There are two usage:  military use,  civil use

For military use: mainly used in  Propellants and Explosives.

For civil use: producing anycolor celluloid, photo film, all sorts of nitryl lacquers, dope forwooden, dope for metal, wax paper, wax cloth, fast-printing ink,nailpolish, bottle cap sealin

Item Standard Test Result
luminousness 92% min 93.00%
viscosity(Second) 1000-1500 1380
acidity (mol/L) 0.03%min 0.02%
alcohol/water 25% min 28.50%
nitrogen content 11.85% min 11.97%





JubaoChem Nitrocellulose useually packed in 40kg paper drum,

9tons load in one 20ft container.



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Subject:Use Industrial Nitrocellulose for Firework