Jubao Chem, is a chemical trading company founded in 2001 and specializes in offering firework raw material and providing advice on the latest manufacturing technology. We focus on bridging the communication gap between manufacturers and end use customers, ensuring both sides' needs are met and satisfied with the process. [What we do] Service For Manufacturers Assist the manufacturer by improving their product information and promoting their products on the Internet; searching for factories and traders who need these products, and providing them the true and detailed product information. Service For Buyers Assist buyers to find products and manufacturers they need, and provide the corresponding exportation services. Service For Employees Help the employees finding and developing their talents, to achieve our same dream. [Why choose us?] We can supply you with all your firework raw material needs. We will be happy to find new material for you, even those only known by their use but not their names. [Our visions] To make the night sky blossom, make the life fructify.

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