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  • 2018-04-27 10:22:51 Latest New of Potassium Chlorate
    Latest New of Potassium Chlorate

    Potassium Chlorate is JubaoChem's hot sale product,  In 2017, we sell potassium chlorate every month, we have different type of potassium chlorate,  the purity of 99.5% potassium chlorate with anti-caking agent, 99.7% purity without anti-caking agent, the pink color potassium chlorate also available. The most hot sale type potassium chlorate is 99.5% purity, customer always buy it for firework, it can mix with Potassium hydrogen phthalate making the whistling agent. If mixed with nitrocellulose powder and titanium powder could make the fountain firework. There are many formula, welcome to send us inquiry to know more information. The 99.7% potassium chlorate is used in safety matches production, the pink potassium chlorate will used in promote flowers of Longan. At present the fuel cost, worker cost all get higher than last year, also the demand is much higher than the total production quantity, the good news is shipping cost of many destinations are better than the end of 2017. If any customers interested in this product (Potassium Chlorate), please kindly send us inquiry to get a latest price.

  • 2017-12-08 15:52:41 2017 JUBAO CHEM POTASSIUM CHLORATE ORDER

    There are many chemical factory discontinued rectification since China start the Environmental Inspection, at present many factory all extend the delivery time, Fortunately, the hot sale material potassium chlorate use in fireworks can deliver in time, usually 25ton only need 3-5days can finish production,  and can be shipped round 1week. In the latest order to Mexico, we make a full protection to avoid moist during the shipping.  as the picture showed, we seal the vents of container, hang up at least 9 desiccant on container wall. The desiccant in the bag we can offer silica and lime, Now the Mexico customer prefer the silica desiccant, factory suggest the lime desiccant, its water absorption is better than silica. what desiccant you will use in your country? Welcome to share your potassium chlorate purchase plan, we will offer you a reference price.  

  • 2017-08-31 18:06:03 JubaoChem 2017 Barium Nitrate
    JubaoChem 2017 Barium Nitrate

    In these month, there are some big news, the BRIC meeting, the National Games, and the Environmental Inspection. Especially the Environmental Inspection,  due to this inspection, many chemical factory discontinued rectification,  the production to most of the chemical materials that we sell could not reach a early delivery. Now we will talk about the barium nitrate for sale  usually we export this materials via Qingdao Port, however this port can not export dangerous cargo before October, we have to change the shipping port to Lianyungang, fortunately, this port accept Barium Nitrate, buy each container have loading limited, only can load 25ton. In the other hand, in response to national environmental policies, factory pay more money in the environmental equipment, and the cost of raw materials increase. Recently, barium nitrate price is a little higher than before. but we still can export it, this is our advantage in this filed. We would like to suggest you order one or two container, because little quantity factory still workable, they can finish the production in 2 days! Welcome your inquiry from all over the world!

  • 2017-08-19 11:00:30 JubaoChem 2017 Nitroguanidine Order
    JubaoChem 2017 Nitroguanidine Order

    Nitroguanidine, formula CH4N4O2, Molecular weight 104.07. Its appearance is white crystal, density 1.715g/cm3 , slightly soluble in water. Last month we JubaoChem got an inquiry about Nitroguanidine powder from our Mexico customer, they purchase this product to use in firework production. also it used as explosives, burst speed 7650m/s,  it has good stablilitym low sensitivity, impact, friction close to the insensitive. For safety reason, it should add no less than 15% of water during packing, store in a cool, dry, ventilated special explosive warehouse, away from fire, heat. The temperature is controlled below 0℃. Should be keep away from the oxidant, alkali, do not mix store, Usually Nitroguanidine packed in iron drum,  the packing also customizable,

  • 2017-07-28 17:39:08 JubaoChem 2017 New Order of Potassium Chlorate
    JubaoChem 2017 New Order of Potassium Chlorate

                                                        We JubaoChem committed to help customer get the product they need with good price. This month our colleague Joey's customer place an order of Potassium Chlorate 99.5 purity, this specification is used in fireworks production,  its usage amount is much higher than other fireworks chemical raw materials, in average, every year, one customer can order hundreds tons of Potassium Chlorate, they buy it not only use for their own fireworks production but also sell to other manufacturer, because most of our customer are doing trading in their Country, as a firework manufacturer will not in need such big amount per year. However, no matter what kind of business type the customers are, we JubaoChem will treat all of them with the same passion and good price. Welcome to send us inquiry to get a latest price.

  • 2017-07-15 12:01:36 JubaoChem new product of fireworks
    JubaoChem new product of fireworks

    Niroguanidine, an organic compound with the formula (NH2)2CNNO2. The molecular weight is 104.07, density 1.715g/cm3, white crystal or colorless. It is a kind of explosive and organic synthetic raw materials, not flammable and is a low-sensitivity explosive. The main content: ≥90% Appearance and properties: white needle crystal, non-hygroscopic, non-volatile at room temperature. Melting point(℃): 323(decomposition) Solubility: soluble in hot water, insoluble in cold water, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether, soluble in lye. About the application it is widely, below are the common example: 1. Nitroguanidine is an organic synthetic raw material, which is used as an intermediate of imidacloprid and acetamiprid  on pesticide for the synthesisof the next intermediate N-nitroiminoimidazolidine. In addition, it can be prepared by reduction of aminoguanidine, for the synthesis of angina pectoris, etc., can also be used for the preparation for the explosives and smoke-free drugs. For organic synthesis, preparation of aminoguanidine, drug Le Kean and so on. Can also be used for the preparation of explosives and smokeless powder. 2. Is a nitrocellulose powder, nitroglycerin powder and diethylene glycol dinitrate blending agent, solid rocket propellant an important component. 3. For the preparation of dozens of drugs such as furan guanidine We only sell this product to fireworks manufacture, the will use this materials in firework.