JubaoChem Staff--Internet PromotionTraining in Xiamen
2016-10-24 17:54:27

Since 20th Oct. to 22nd Oct. there was a training about the Internet Promotion in Xiamen City,

we have 4 colleagues attended this training, 

they got an excellent score--the Champion Team!

Three days systematic training are full of passion,

after the sharing meeting today we know that these four girls try best to improve themselves.

All the members in our company begin realize that

trading is not selling products anymore, but the solution and service!

The main business should turn to help our customer make a higher achievement in their market,

we will use the SNS platform to share more industry information with customers,

whats more, welcome to discuss the Internet Promotion issue in Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Are you still confusing with the fireworks formula?

Are you lacking of the information of supplier market?

Are you looking for professional partner in China?

Come with us! 

Let's work for Win-Win!

The Champion Team are waiting for you!