JubaoChem 2017 Nitroguanidine Order
2017-08-19 11:00:30

Nitroguanidine, formula CH4N4O2, Molecular weight 104.07.

Its appearance is white crystal, density 1.715g/cm3 , slightly soluble in water.

Last month we JubaoChem got an inquiry about Nitroguanidine powder from our Mexico customer,

they purchase this product to use in firework production.

also it used as explosives, burst speed 7650m/s, 

it has good stablilitym low sensitivity, impact,

friction close to the insensitive.

For safety reason, it should add no less than 15% of water during packing,

store in a cool, dry, ventilated special explosive warehouse, away from fire, heat.

The temperature is controlled below 0℃.

Should be keep away from the oxidant, alkali, do not mix store,

Usually Nitroguanidine packed in iron drum, 

the packing also customizable,