JubaoChem 2017 Magnesium Powder sample
2017-06-16 16:47:54

Jubao Chem hot sale product, Magnesium Powder,

we sent two sample to customer recently,

the particle size is -200mesh and -200mesh.

Magnesium Powder is silver white or silver gray with metallic luster,

this is a lively metal, it's mainly used as a reducing agent,

produce flash powder, lead alloy etc.

Most of our customer buy Magnesium Powder used in fireworks.

In addition, we also can offer Atomized Spherical Magnesium Powder,

this kind of Magnesium Powder means the Mg ingot after a high temperature melting,

use the centrifugal atomization technology in the inert gas protection,

through a variety of processes made of spherical atomized powder.

It has the advantages of high active magnesium content,

good spherical shape, good bulk density, good fluidity and small specific surface area.

Atomized Spherical Magnesium Powder widely used in defense industry,

petrochemical industry, aerospace, new functional materials, medicine, fireworks and so on.