JubaoChem 2017 gelatin order
2017-06-02 16:19:46

Animal Glue(gelatin) order in May


We JubaoChem offering many kinds of chemical raw materials,

In May, our company export 6tons animal glue to our customer in Peru,

they are making matches.

For safety matches there are potassium chlorate, animal glue, sulfur etc.

About the industrial animal glue(gelatin):

it is Pale yellow to yellow, translucent, microstrip luster of the powder or flakes; 

odorless; damp, easy for bacterial decomposition 

In the water swelling and softening, the weight can be increased 5 to 10 times.

Gelatin made of animal skin, bone glue made of animal bones processing

Talk about this Peru customer,

sincere the trial order two years ago,

this customer increase the purchase quantity every year.

Their trust encourage us offer better and better service.

Even the documents they ask cost us many time,

we also try best to make all the documents.

Help customer purchase successfully is our service purpose.