JubaoChem 2017 customer visit
2017-05-18 17:05:51

Our city already ushered the summer this month,

after a few monthes waiting,

JubaoChem welcomed our customer from Honduras,

Mrs. Onoria and her cute daughter Deimy.

They are very easy going but a little shy.




































Dayday, our sales showed them around in Quanzhou City,

took them to Qingjing Temple- the Islamic temple ruins,

also visit Dayday's home.

At their third day stay, 

our company held a birthday party for Deimy,

that 15years old cute girl.

We try best to help customer feel at home,

even the culture between two Country are different,

especially the food.

Mrs. Onoria seems very touched about this visit,

she don't speak English, but her daughter said many times 'thank you' before they leave,

this is the biggest praise for us.

Maybe they really pleased about this trip,

they order one more container potassium chlorate in the following purchase plan. 

JubaoChem will always keep the enthusiasm to all customers!