JubaoChem 2017 Barium Nitrate
2017-08-31 18:06:03

In these month, there are some big news,

the BRIC meeting, the National Games, and the Environmental Inspection.

Especially the Environmental Inspection, 

due to this inspection, many chemical factory discontinued rectification, 

the production to most of the chemical materials that we sell could not reach a early delivery.

Now we will talk about the barium nitrate for sale 

usually we export this materials via Qingdao Port,

however this port can not export dangerous cargo before October,

we have to change the shipping port to Lianyungang,

fortunately, this port accept Barium Nitrate,

buy each container have loading limited, only can load 25ton.

In the other hand, in response to national environmental policies,

factory pay more money in the environmental equipment,

and the cost of raw materials increase.

Recently, barium nitrate price is a little higher than before.

but we still can export it, this is our advantage in this filed.

We would like to suggest you order one or two container,

because little quantity factory still workable,

they can finish the production in 2 days!

Welcome your inquiry from all over the world!