JUBAO CHEMISTRY - Sulfur-free Reduced-smoke Propellant
2016-09-18 15:56:08

As we know, many fireworks manufacturer want to find a way to reduce the air pollution,Sulfide and sulfur dioxide,  when the fireworks burned.

So, our company find a product -- Sulfur-free Reduced-smoke Propellant, can solve this problem.

This propellant is made from modified PA resin, sulfur-free and produces little smoke. It's cheap in cost, safe when use, well moistureproof, easy delivered and  environmentally friendly.

1.Application: mix modified PA resin powder with potassium perchlorate at the ratio of 1:1.5, then get them wet by water (or alcohol), and made them into granules of dia. 1.4mm and dry them.



Friction sensitivity: 0%(tilt angle 50%, hydraulic pressure 0.64MPA), impact sensitivity: 28%,

Ignition temperature: 305¡æ,

Thermal stability under 75¡æ48H: no combustion nor explosion


(2)Low cost: cost is only as 70% much as traditional propellant

3.Excellent chemical stability: no affected by moist nor deteriorate, still work well after being stored for 2 years

4.Damp proof, stable, contains no factor of moisture absorption, good for keeping fireworks products in good condition.

5.Better effect:

Smaller noise due to high longitudinal force and low transverse force;

Reduced smoke, combustion residue mostly remains in the shell;

Low dosage and cost;

Much stable before mixed with potassium perchlorate, so no need to do anti-explosion

Dear, if you are interested in this product, please don't hesitate to contact me or send the inquiry to us.

Waiting for your good news, that's really a amazing product!