White phosphorus
  • 2017-06-06 08:52:01
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White or light yellow translucent solid. Soft, brittle when cold , color change deep when meet light. Exposure it to air,it will produces green phosphorescence and white smoke in the dark.

It will burn in the wet air about 40 ℃ , in the dry air its flash point is slightly higher. White phosphorus can be directly reaction with the halogen, sulfur, metal , produce phosphoric acid with nitrate acid, reaction with sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide to generate phosphine and sodium hypophosphite. Please avoid contact with potassium chlorate, potassium permanganate, peroxides and other oxides. 1 g could dissolved in 300,000 parts of water, 400 ml of absolute ethanol, 102 ml of anhydrous ether, 40 ml of chloroform, 35 ml of benzene, 0.8 ml of carbon disulfide, 80 ml of olive oil, 60 ml of turpentine and about 100 ml of almond oil. The relative density of 1.83 (α type), 1.88 (β type). Melting point 44.1 ° C (β type).

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