The use of animal protein glue
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Animal protein glue is widely used, here to jelly as an example to introduce.

The main ingredient of jelly is gelatin. Gelatin is a kind of animal glue. Animal glue after deep processing used in the printing and packaging industry, said the plastic jelly jelly, it is English jelly glue literal translation, also known as gel glue. Because the shape is similar to jelly, so also known as jelly. Applicable range: jelly gel used here for the production of high-end gift box jar, cosmetic box tea box folder hardcover book dictionary dictionary and so on the production of the cover paper. As the main ingredient of jelly gel of animal protein, does not contain benzene formaldehyde class of solvents, so non-toxic really environmentally friendly. Do not contaminate food and packaged items. The use of jelly production of the product, no deformation, not easy to mold foam, and can enhance the stiffness of paper products. Jelly in addition to a strong sticky, there are moderate flexibility, so hardcover book recipes dictionary dictionary class often broken parts are not easy to break.

According to the production process and equipment, jelly is roughly divided into: manual or semi-automatic machine with plastic, commonly known as low-speed glue: this type of glue drying speed, paper over plastic, glue in 120 seconds there is sticky, The So that you can set aside enough time for the manual to complete its production. Medium speed glue: suitable for semi-mechanized box or make book shell, drying time in about 20 seconds. High-speed glue: suitable for automatic high-speed box or make book shell, the maximum speed can keep up with 60-80 per minute machine. 2: low viscosity - with the temporary packaging positioning; 3: medium viscosity - with the temporary packaging positioning; 4: high viscosity - can be a long time Fixed; 5: super viscosity - can be permanently fixed. Jelly is generally stored in 10 degrees to 40 degrees room temperature, temperature resistance of 70 degrees. Second, animal protein glue manufacturers example Nanning Henkel Le Adhesives Co., Ltd. is animal protein glue (commonly known as jelly gel, gel glue) professional manufacturers. Over the years has been committed to the production and sales for high-end gift box, hardcover book cover, folder production used by the animal glue. The company's production of animal glue is widely used in the printing industry, packaging industry and other industries, is the production of various boxes of choice, such as tea boxes, moon cake boxes, hardcover food boxes, hardcover tobacco boxes, shoebox, Underwear boxes, gift boxes, food boxes, metal boxes, and so on. Suitable for a variety of machinery and equipment: cardboard packaging and printing machinery, automatic Tiandi carton machine, color box packaging equipment, automatic Hu Heji, paper packaging machinery, shoe box packaging machine, gift box molding machinery, food Box printing machine, metal box packaging equipment, tie box production line, toy box molding machines and other mechanical equipment. The company's animal plastic covered high-speed plastic series, the speed of plastic series, low-speed plastic series, hand-plastic series. All products are environmentally friendly animal glue, both through the SGS certification and qualification testing center of the safety test.

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