The luminous effect of fireworks
  • 2017-07-19 13:11:06
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The luminous effect is a major effect of fireworks. Whether it can play a lighting effect of the lighting agent, or can produce bright stars of the pharmaceutical, can produce a flash of the effect of extinguishing agents, they produce fireworks effects are inseparable from the luminous effect.

(Such as aluminum powder, magnesium aluminum alloy powder, etc.) in the pharmaceutical combustion can produce solid and liquid products, the dissociation of a large number of light energy and the use of fireworks, Thermal radiation, luminous intensity of hundreds of thousands of international candlelight, the temperature up to thousands of degrees. Fireworks is the use of this luminous effect and play a role in lighting. And then use this light-emitting effect, can produce different sizes and shapes of different lighting (bomb).

Some drugs are lit in addition to produce a certain light color, but also in the light interceptor in the discharge of many golden or steel, or white bright star, this phenomenon is called "spray wave" (or pull wave). This phenomenon is also the use of luminous effect. When hardwood charcoal or aluminum powder, iron powder added to the pharmaceutical, after burning some particles in the light interceptor is not completely burned out of the ejected particles and then meet the oxygen in the air, it will happen Secondary combustion reaction, resulting in different colors and a certain brightness. Hard powder can produce golden yellow star; iron powder can produce steel blue star; aluminum powder can produce white small bright star, the use of the role of spray wave, you can create a variety of fireworks image, such as can be made of golden yellow, White, steel blue all kinds of spray; or can produce scurrying tadpole water-like parts (called curvature) and somersault parts (called hydrangea) and so on.

Some of the agents are lit and can be strongly burned to produce a certain change and light color, and produce a bright out of the pulse phenomenon. This effect we call flicker, but also the use of a light-emitting effect. In addition to the addition of metal powder in the pharmaceutical, but also to be easy to produce a large number of solid and liquid products of the material. So that the pharmaceutical can be burned, due to the presence of metal powder will produce a higher temperature and greater brightness, when the solid and liquid residue cover the next layer waiting for the burning of the drug, there will be low temperature radiation gives a Kind of extinguished feeling. When the next layer of medicine is lit, it will produce high temperature and large brightness. by the use of solid and liquid residue and then cover the next layer of the agent, so push class, there will be a bright and a off phenomenon. We use this one out of a pulse of the pulse of the phenomenon can be produced as snowflakes, red star shine and other fireworks products and various parts.

Large fireworks and aerial fireworks produce fireworks effect, with the audience's eyes straight distance is not less than tens of meters, or even hundreds of meters, if they produce light color dim, it will not receive better results. This requires that these two types of fireworks in addition to light color is correct, but also have a certain brightness. This means that in addition to the requirements of the color purity is relatively high flame, but also the use of pharmaceutical luminous effect to make the flame has a bright effect, in order to get beautiful bright flame, must also add a certain amount of metal powder.

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