The Introduction About Sodium Nitrate
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Sodium nitrate, the melting point of 306.8 ° C, the density of 2.257 grams / cubic centimeter (20 ° C), the colorless transparent or white microstrip yellow diamond crystal.

Its bitter salty, soluble in water and liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in glycerol and ethanol, easy deliquescence, especially in the presence of very small amounts of sodium chloride impurities,
The deliquescence of sodium nitrate is greatly increased. When dissolved in water, the solution temperature is reduced and the solution is neutral. During heating,
Sodium nitrate is easily decomposed into sodium nitrite and oxygen. Sodium nitrate can be combustion, must be stored in a cool and ventilated place.
There is oxidation, and organic friction or impact can cause a fire or explosion. There is irritation, toxicity is very small, but the human body is harmful.
Enamel industry as flux, oxidizer and raw materials for the preparation of enamel powder. Glass industry for a variety of glass and products decolorant,
Defoaming agent, clarifying agent and oxidizing flux. Inorganic industry as a decolorizer for molten caustic soda and for the manufacture of other nitrates.
The food industry for the processing of meat coloring agent, to prevent meat deterioration, and can play a role in seasoning.
Fertilizer industry for the application of acid soil available fertilizer, especially for root crops, such as beets, radishes and so on.
Dye industry for the production of Picric acid and dye raw materials. Metallurgical industry for steel, aluminum heat treatment agent.
Machine City for industrial cleaning agents and preparation of metal black metal blue agent. The pharmaceutical industry as a medium for penicillin.
Cigarette industry as a tobacco combustion agent. Analytical chemistry as a chemical reagent. In addition, also used in the production of explosives.
The chemically pure sodium nitrate is used in the low chromate passivation of the galvanized layer and in the oxidation solution of the magnesium alloy.

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