Sulfur-free reduced-smoke propellant
  • 2016-09-09 10:38:07
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Propellant is only a semi-finished product, need to mixed with potassium chlorate or potassium perchlorate than add water to make powder about 10 mesh.  This powder could replace gunpowder(black powder).

Compared with gunpowder,the powder has following advantages:

1、Material savings when making fireworks.

2、High security (gunpowder will be ignited when meet a little spark, such as put it on Cement-paved ground,then take a hammer knock it could easily cause an explosion. The powder made with Propellant won’t meet such a situation. Only encountered fire will burn explosion.)

3、Propellant doesn’t contain sulfur, will not cause pollution.

Why you choose this kind of product:

1、It's easy to explosion when use gunpowder , an incident will bring heavy losses.

2、Propellant Features

Friction sensitivity is 0

Impact sensitivity is 0

Ignition temperature above 350 ℃

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