Suggestions on saving magnesium powder fire accident
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(A) the correct choice of fire extinguishing agent, the rational use of local resources. Participation in magnesium powder fire fighting, should be preferred 7150 or graphite, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, (sodium chloride and ammonium dihydrogen phosphate) as the base material of powder fire extinguishing agent. As only 7150 and powder fire extinguishing agent best. 7150 fire extinguishing agent, the principle is: 7150 fire extinguishing agent in the form of mist spray to the burning of the metal surface, the metal surface under high temperature, will occur simultaneously two chemical reactions, one decomposition reaction: (CH3O) 3B3O3 (CH3O) 3B + B2O3; The second is the combustion reaction: 2 (CH3O) 3B3O3 + 9O2 → 3B2O3 +9H2O +6CO2. The two reaction of the natural boron anhydride, in the high temperature metal surface under the action of melting, the formation of a dynamic, viscous glassy liquid, dispersed in the metal surface and its gap in the metal surface to form a layer of boron anhydride film , So that the metal and the air separated, so that combustion extinguished. And graphite, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, (sodium chloride and ammonium dihydrogen phosphate) as the base material of powder fire extinguishing agent, used to save magnesium powder fire, can also participate in the reaction, play isolation, cooling down fire effect. A small range of leakage of magnesium powder combustion, dry powder gun can be used to continue to spray dry powder here, make full use of dry powder on the magnesium combustion control and short-term combustion of nitrogen on the cooling effect of the cooling area is burning magnesium powder agglomeration, The ultimate effect of fire fighting.

(B) To strengthen the personal protection of officers and men. In the fight to save the magnesium powder fire, should be allowed to enter the scene of the fire front-line combatants with a fire service, or in the fighting suit and then wear a set of insulation suits, so protective effect is much better, due to magnesium burning temperature Very high, a little careless, most likely caused by combat burns. 000 cases, the 2002 combat clothing to participate in magnesium powder fire fighting, must be lined with complete and tighten the seat belt, bar a good combatants cuffs, trousers mouth, put up the collar of the fighting suit, Wear a good helmet shawl, wear high-temperature gloves to prevent the burning of magnesium powder or a small range of strong heat generated by flash explosion directly through the cracks on the combatants body damage. The use of darker sunglasses (such as ironworks blast furnace workers protective glasses) to protect the combatant's eyes, to prevent combatants eyes were burned with magnesium light. Such as the moment can not be found, can also be called the accident unit in the market to buy ordinary sunglasses for simple protection. Specifically, the combatants first wear sunglasses, and then wear air respirator masks, so of course a little inconvenience, but the protection of combatants has a great advantage of vision. Front-line combatants must wear an air respirator to protect the respiratory tract, to prevent the respiratory tract was burned.

(C) the selective use of information in the hands. Access to information related to the dispatch of troops should be careful not to blindly "by the Chapter", as the relevant information is a combination of several metal fire disposal program for the preparation of, and some contradictory information between , Or very easy to enter into errors. Such as "Chemical Disaster Accident Disposal Assistant Decision System" and "Quick Handbook for Emergency Disposal of Hazardous Chemicals" that magnesium powder fire can dry sand, salt powder and graphite powder to save; and "Fire" and the first volume on page 143 (SiO2 + 2Mg2MgO + Si), and release a lot of heat, so that combustion is more violent, according to some production technology companies (such as the production of magnesium alloy), the combustion of magnesium, Staff, with dry sand to cover the burning of magnesium powder, and can not prevent the burning of magnesium powder, but on the surface of its coverage, to prevent the burning of magnesium powder generated by the high temperature of the surrounding objects of harm, and magnesium powder In the dry sand is still burning, until the burning is completed. Moreover, in most parts of southern China, are moist or rain zone, in order to find the absolute dry sand is almost impossible, and sand contained in the water, will only aggravate the burning of magnesium, explosion, often Counterproductive. This approach in China's arid northern areas may be effective, but in southern China, we recommend the use of caution.

(D) to reduce front-line staff, make full use of machinery. The area covered by the burning of magnesium powder, the number of front-line combatants must be minimized, not a large group operations. As the scene of the fire accident situation is changing rapidly, all kinds of unexpected danger can occur at any time, if the frontline staff too much, if there is any danger, evacuation of troops is very difficult, very likely to cause staff casualties. When conditions are met, use as much as possible large machinery (such as excavators), far intervals, action to softly cover the burning zone to prevent a large number of cover impact of magnesium powder is burning, causing greater combustion, explosion .

(E) Set up safety observers to prevent the building from collapsing. The force to participate in the use of magnesium powder as a raw material for enterprise fire fighting, you must set up security observers. As a result, such enterprises are generally more open production workshop, and the roof is light roof. In the event of a fire accident, the roof is very easy to cause deformation of the support frame, causing the roof collapse. Therefore, the force in the disposal of the process must adhere to the security observer system, sent a responsive, good psychological quality of cadres or soldiers as security observers, but found dangerous situation, can be immediately issued to the combat staff evacuation orders to ensure the safety of the officers and men of war.

Metal fire is very dangerous, but as long as the troops have a fire-fighting conditions, coupled with the scientific decision-making commander, is not so terrible. We believe that, in the face of such metal fire, as long as all the officers and men of war can fully grasp the use of various knowledge, study its characteristics, the commander of the scientific command, carry forward the fire brigade courageous, brave, Dare to dash, the spirit of continuous fighting, the party and the people will certainly be able to complete the task.

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