Red phosphorus Application
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1,Use for the manufacture of matches, pesticides, and for organic synthesis.

2,used in the manufacture of fireworks,and aluminum phosphide,phosphorus pentoxide,phosphorus trichloride. Is the production of organic phosphorus pesticide raw materials. Metallurgical industry for the manufacture of phosphor bronze. Also used for light metal deacidification and pharmaceutical.

3,phosphorus could bedevide into yellow phosphorus and red phosphorus. Pesticide production use yellow phosphorus (also known as white phosphorus), which is the most basic material in preparing all phosphorus pesticide intermediates,reaction with sulfur to generate phosphorus pentasulfide,reaction with chlorine to generate phosphorus trichloride, and then get a series of other phosphorus intermediate body. In addition,yellow phosphorus is mainly used in the production of phosphoric acid,a small amount for the production of red phosphorus and phosphorus pentoxide,use in the military is the manufacture of incendiary bombs, flares, also used to produce iron phosphate and pharmaceutical, organic raw materials and other industries.

4, use for the preparation of semiconductor compounds and semiconductor dopants for the material. This product can be used for flame retardant polyolefin, polystyrene, polyester, nylon, polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene, epoxy resin, unsaturated resin, rubber, textiles. And is particularly effective for the flame retardation of oxygen-containing high-polymers such as polyethylene terephthalate, polycarbonate, and phenol resin. Compared with other phosphorus-based flame retardants, the same quality of red phosphorus can produce more phosphoric acid, phosphoric acid can be covered on the surface of the flame retardant material, but also in the material surface to accelerate dehydration carbonation, the formation of liquid film and carbon layer can be External oxygen, volatile combustibles and heat are separated from the internal high polymer matrix and the combustion is interrupted. Red phosphorus in the same flame retardant requirements to achieve the same amount of small, and the high melting point of red phosphorus, poor solubility, and thus red phosphorus flame retardant polymer with some of the physical properties than the general flame retardant prepared by the same High polymer is better. Red phosphorus and halogen flame retardants and use, can improve the flame retardant efficiency.

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