Powder form elemental magnesium
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Properties: magnesium dissolved in mineral acids, concentrated hydrofluoric acid,ammonium salt and hot water. Powder cloud lighted 600 ℃, electrostatic sensitivity 120mJ. Mainly taken by the electrolysis of molten magnesium chloride and brine electrolysis of molten go amidst stone.

Application: for rocket propellant ramjet and removal of hydrogen chloride gas. As a reducing agent, the system flash powder, lead alloys, metallurgical industry for desulphurization agents, in addition to organic synthesis, lighting and the like.


Flash point: about 500 degrees. Magnesium and aluminum, as moisture will produce spontaneous combustion, it blew. When per liter of air containing 10-25 mg of magnesium powder, encounter the source of fire will explode.

Atomized spherical magnesium powder: atomized spherical magnesium powder refers to the temperature of the ingot after melting, centrifugal atomization technology under an inert gas, through a variety of processing into spherical atomized powder. Which has a high content of active Mg, spherical rate is good, high bulk density, good mobility, small specific surface area, etc., can be widely used in the defense industry, petrochemical, aerospace, new functional materials, medicine, fireworks, food and many other tech research areas, with the traditional mechanical milling method magnesium unparalleled advantage.

The role of magnesium: because intense light emitted when burning magnesium powder, so early namely the use of camera flash light emitted by burning magnesium. Early flash is also known as the spotlight (the name is still in some places you can see), the spotlight is common shortcomings, it can only be used once. It has been replaced by electronic flash. Use of optical and digital cameras are electronic flash. Also used in fireworks, welding, steel desulfurization. Mg powder is widely used in aviation, aerospace, armament, automotive, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and other industries. Magnesium powder having a flammable, high temperatures and bright white light of combustion characteristics, so magnesium in the field of military science and technology industry and aerospace industry, etc. are widely used. Steel industry and non-ferrous metal casting, made with magnesium desulfurization agent, cleaning agent, reducing agent in the production of rare metals. In the chemical industry, magnesium powder can be used as spray coating, anti-corrosion industry uses more and more, the amount of single-crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon and powder metallurgy die casting is also great.

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