Potassium perchlorate
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Potassium perchlorate is the potassium salt of perchloric acid, chemical formula KClO4, with strong oxidation. It is a colorless crystalline or white powder with a melting point of about 610 ° C. Commonly used in fireworks and flash powder as oxidant, also used as the first detonator. It can be used as a solid rocket propellant material, but this application has basically been replaced by ammonium perchlorate.

Potassium perchlorate and sucrose mixture is fairly stable, but mixed with other reducing agents are likely to deflagration, the occurrence of severe oxidation-reduction reaction, the flame was potassium flame purple color. Firecrackers in the mixture of potassium perchlorate and aluminum to produce flash.

Potassium chlorate can not be mixed with sulfur, but potassium perchlorate can be. A common explanation is that sulfur is oxidized to sulfurous acid and sulfuric acid, which reacts with potassium chlorate to form chlorate. High concentration of chloric acid is very unstable, spontaneous combustion occurs, but the perchloric acid generated by the perchloric acid is relatively stable, will not break down.

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