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Potassium nitrate belongs to binary compound fertilizer. In the agricultural market is widely used.
Potassium nitrate is no potassium chloride, nitrogen compound fertilizer, plant nutrient potassium, nitrogen total content of up to 50%, with good physical and chemical properties. Potassium nitrate applied to tobacco with high fertilizer efficiency, easy to absorb, promote early seedling, increase tobacco production, to improve the quality of tobacco has an important role.

Potassium nitrate have another name Saltpeter, salt and nitrite.

1, used as analytical reagents and oxidants, but also for the synthesis and preparation of potassium salt explosives.
2, in the food industry as a coloring agent, color protection agent, antimicrobial agents, preservatives, such as for bacon, in the lunch meat from the anti-corrosion effect.
3, is the manufacture of black powder, such as mine gunpowder, pyre, firecrackers and other raw materials. Also used for fireworks to produce purple sparks. Mechanical heat treatment for quenching salt bath. Ceramic industry for the manufacture of porcelain enamel. Used as a glass clarifier. Used in the manufacture of automotive light bulb, optical glass tube glass and so on. Pharmaceutical industry for the production of penicillin potassium, rifampicin and other drugs. Used for making cigarette paper. Used as a catalyst. Ore dressing agent. Used as a compound fertilizer for crops and flowers.
4, potassium nitrate is also allowed to use the hair color. It is in the meat products due to the role of bacteria and reduced to potassium nitrite and play a role in color protection and antibacterial. Chinese regulations can be used for meat products, the maximum use of 0.5g / kg, the residue should not exceed 0.03g / kg.
5, for the manufacture of fireworks, matches, ceramic glaze, fertilizer and so on.
6, industrial potassium nitrate is also widely used in strengthening the glass production process.

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