Potassium Chlorate
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Potassium chlorate chemical formula KClO₃, colorless flaky crystal or white granules powder, taste salty and cool, strong oxidants. Stable at room temperature, above 400 ℃ decomposition and release of oxygen, and reductant, organic matter, flammable materials such as sulfur, phosphorus or metal powder mixture can form an explosive mixture, can be heated when the explosion. So potassium chlorate is a very sensitive high-explosive, such as mixed with certain impurities, and sometimes even in the sunlight under the blew. Case of sulfuric acid will explode. With the use of manganese dioxide as a catalyst, in the heating conditions to generate oxygen. Composed of ions. Potassium chlorate must not be used to react with hydrochloric acid to prepare chlorine, because it will form explosive chlorine dioxide, but also can not get pure chlorine.

We JubaoChem offering potassium chlorate for fireworks and safety matches. Usually customers buy the purity of 99.5% for fireworks production, the 99.7% purity use in matches production. In 2017, so far Jubao Chem selling more than 500 ton potassium chlorate to Middle and South America, especially Mexico is our biggest market, since 2016 we also expand market to Indonesia.

Our potassium chlorate packed in 25kg woven bag, there is small desiccant bag inside, it could be lime desiccant, also could be silicone desiccant, during the shipping the humidity in sea is very heavy, we would like to suggest customer use the lime desiccant, however this is depend on customers requirement.

On the other hand, although potassium chlorate have two purity, the price are the same, the price of potassium chlorate is according to the quantity demand. Welcome customers send us inquiry.

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