Potassium Chlorate
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Potassium chlorate Chemical formula KClO₃,colorless flaky crystal or white granules powder,taste salty and cool,strong oxidants.Stable at room temperature,above 400 ℃ decomposition and release of oxygen,and reductant,organic matter,flammable materials such as sulfur,phosphorus or metal powder mixture can form an explosive mixture,the rapid heating can occur when the explosion.So potassium chlorate is a highly sensitive frying agent,such as mixed with some impurities,and sometimes even in the sun exposure blew.Case of sulfuric acid will explode.With the use of manganese dioxide as a catalyst,in the heating conditions to generate oxygen.Composed of ions.Potassium chlorate must not be used to react with hydrochloric acid to prepare chlorine gas,because it will form explosive chlorine dioxide,but also can not get pure chlorine.

Shiny or white granules or powder.When the temperature is above the melting point,it is decomposed into potassium perchlorate and potassium chloride,and almost no oxygen is released.When the temperature is higher,the potassium perchlorate decomposes and releases oxygen.1g slowly dissolved in 16.5ml water,1.8ml boiling water, about 50ml glycerol,almost insoluble in ethanol.The relative density of 2.32,the melting point of 356 ℃.Reaction with concentrated sulfuric acid to produce easily explosive chloric acid and chlorine dioxide,and some organic matter,sulfur,phosphorus,sulfite,hypophosphite and other easily oxidized material grinding,can cause combustion and explosion.

Physical properties
Colorless or white crystals without crystal water,or white powder.Taste salty and cool,toxic,oral administration of 2-3g may cause poisoning and death.Slightly soluble in ethanol,soluble in water and alkaline solution.But the solubility in water is smaller than sodium chlorate and rises sharply as the temperature increases.The solubility in 100 g of water was 7.1 g at 20 ° C and 56.4 g at 100 ° C. Not easy to deliquescence.

Chemical properties

Potassium chlorate is a strong oxidizing agent.If there is a catalyst,etc.,at a lower temperature can be decomposed and strong release of oxygen.It is particularly important to note that the decomposition of potassium chlorate is an exothermic the acidic solution has a strong oxidation.And carbon,phosphorus and organic matter or combustible mixture by the impact,are prone to burning and explosion.

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