Potassium Chlorate price
  • 2017-12-29 18:19:48
  • admin

We JubaoChem sell firework chemical materials for over 10years. In the past one year, we sell potassium chlorate around 100ton per month, the specification contain the purity of 99.5% potassium chlorate with anti-caking agent, 99.7% purity without anti-caking agent, the pink color potassium chlorate also available. Usually the Southeast Asian customers will require the pink color, in December there is a customer from Mexico also place an order of pink color potassium chlorate. The pink potassium chlorate price is the same with white color.

The 99.5% potassium chlorate usually used in firework, it can mix with Potassium hydrogen phthalate making the whistling agent. If mixed with nitrocellulose powder and titanium powder could make the fountain firework. There are many formula, welcome to send us inquiry to know more information.

The 99.7% potassium chlorate is used in safety matches production, the pink potassium chlorate will used in promote flowers of Longan.
All the different specification potassium chlorate price are the same. Hope the information above is useful for who may in need of potassium chlorate
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