Operation Note & Storage Precautions for Red Phosphorus
  • 2017-01-04 10:10:10
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  Operation Note: closed-loop operation,local exhaust. Operators must be specially trained to strictly abide by the operating rules. Operators are advised to wear self-priming filter respirators and chemical safety goggles. Keep away from fire, heat, stridy forbid smoking in the workplace. Use explosion-proof ventilation systems and equipment. Avoid dust. Avoid contact with oxidants, halogens, halides. Handling gently to prevent damage to packaging and containers. Shock, impact and friction are prohibited. Equipped with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may contain harmful substances.

  Storage Precautions: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Library temperature does not exceed 32 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 80%. Should be oxidant, halogen, halide, etc. stored separately, avoid mixing reservoir. The use of explosion-proof lighting, ventilation. Prohibit the use of easy to produce sparks of mechanical equipment and tools. The storage area shall be provided with suitable material to contain the spill. Shock, impact and friction are prohibited.

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