Nitrate de potassium
  • 2018-01-02 15:08:41
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Since the National environmental inspection, many chemical factory stop the production, or improve the facilities, many fireworks chemical raw materials price is rising much, the worth is the delivery time also slower due to factory use Environmentally friendly fuel and green facilities.

We JubaoChem have some materials still can export in good price and quick delivery. Except the potassium chlorate we keep normal export, the potassium nitrate also can deliver in short time.

Potassium nitrate, some customers from Spanish Country will call it nitrate de potassium, but it wont affect our understanding of each other. In a long time communicate with many Mexico, Colombia, Peru customer, i can understand some easy Spanish product’s name.

Nitrate de potassium, we can offer the purity of 99.4%, 99.7%, and 99.9%. Most of our customer buy the purity of 99.4% potassium nitrate to use in firework production. Regarding to the 99.7% purity potassium nitrate many customer will use it as fertilizer. The 99.9% purity will use in the tempered glass production.

What purity nitrate de potassium you need? What type potassium nitrate you interested in ? powder type or crystal type? Welcome to contact us JubaoChem to get more information of the nitrate de potassium.
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