Magnesium powder
  • 2017-10-30 18:07:17
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Usually refers to the state of the powder magnesium powder, mainly by the electrolytic melting of magnesium chloride and electrolytic melting of the dewalite to prepare.

Magnesium powder (magnesiumpowder), silver-white metallic luster of the powder, lively metal, wet flammable items. Burning produces a strong white light and releases high heat. Water or moisture violent reaction to release hydrogen, a lot of heat, causing burning or explosion. Chlorine, bromine, iodine, sulfur, phosphorus, arsenic and oxidants violent reaction, there are burning, explosion hazard. Magnesium powder is mainly used as a reducing agent, the system of flash powder, lead alloy, metallurgical as a sulfur (in the metallurgical industry for the sulfur agent raw materials, magnesium powder particles wrapped around a layer of passivation agent to prevent oxidation of magnesium powder) , In addition to organic synthesis, lighting agents and so on.

We JubaoChem only sell the magnesium powder for fireworks, the Mg powder have Export regulatory conditions, we need to apply for a Dual-Use Item License, to approve the end use and end user. Usually this license will cost one to two month. Customers need to provide the end user license and company profile, stamp them and send the original paper to Chinese Ministry of Commerce, once pass the audit, we will arrange the Commodity inspection, then wait for the shipping.

The most import specification data of magnesium powder is the particle size and purity, sometimes customers also have requirement about the bulk density, we always produce the Mg powder according to customers’ requirement.
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