Magnesium powder fire accident
  • 2017-02-17 17:57:53
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Including magnesium powder,including alkali fires,has been the country, and even the world's disposal of fire forces one of the difficulties,the situation of these fires is very complex, slightly careless,easy to build ** casualties,firefighting disposal It is also very difficult. I published some superficial views on this article.

First, the physical and chemical characteristics of magnesium powder
Magnesium powder (magnesium powder),silver-white metal luster powder,the formula Mg,lively metal,in wet flammable materials. Irritation,eye,upper respiratory tract and skin irritation, inhalation can cause cough, chest pain, etc., oral harmful to the body. Burning produces intense white light and emits heat. Violent reaction with water or moisture release hydrogen, a large number of heat, causing combustion or explosion. In case of chlorine, bromine, iodine, sulfur, phosphorus, arsenic and oxidant violent reaction, there is burning, explosion hazard. Powder and air can form an explosive mixture, when a certain concentration, the case of Mars will explode. Ignition temperature 550 ℃, lower explosion limit [% (V / V)]: 44 ~ 59mg / m3, the minimum ignition energy 40 mJ. Main purposes: as a reducing agent, the system flash powder, lead alloy, metallurgy for the sulfur (in the metallurgical industry for the raw materials to the sulfur, the magnesium powder particles coated with a layer of passive passivation to prevent oxidation of magnesium powder) , In addition to organic synthesis, lighting and so on.

Second, magnesium powder fire accident characteristics
(A) burning violent, difficult to control. As magnesium is a flammable solid, low ignition, chemical lively, burning is very violent. (Dry powder, foam, water, carbon dioxide) basically can not be applied to the actual disposal, although the information in our hands clear instructions (7150) trimethoxy boroxan [the chemical formula for the (CH3O) 3B3O3], powder fire extinguishing agents can fight alkali metal and light metal fire, but the fire fighting squadrons of the fire fighting storage of almost no such agent, but also did not hear which one manufacturers in the production of such fire engines. After the fire, it is very difficult to control, under normal circumstances can only be left to its own combustion is completed.
(B) the flame temperature is high, the risk of burns. As the magnesium powder combustion heat 5-20 times the normal combustion material, magnesium fire flame temperature higher than 3000 ℃, so the fire is very high temperature, if the officers and men of war is not in place, very easily lead to combat staff were burned fire radiation.
(C) fire glare, damage eyesight. Magnesium combustion, resulting in glare of white light, very glaring. In the junior high school physics class, the teacher has done magnesium combustion experiments, magnesium light after the ignition of the glare. The magnesium powder fire scene, the intense white light generated by magnesium combustion, the brightness of several times higher than the test, or even hundreds of times, the officers and men of war damage is very frightening, strong white light can make the eyes short Time blindness, especially at night, more dangerous.
(4) explosion danger is big, the building is easy to collapse. Magnesium powder mixed with air to form an explosive mixture, the event of a strong fire explosion occurred. The magnesium powder also has the characteristics of continuous combustion of dust explosion, the scene of an accident but an explosion, will cause a chain reaction directly to the lives of officers and men of war a threat. Combined with the use of magnesium powder storage or passivation of magnesium powder business, its buildings are generally lightweight roofs, steel roof trusses, in a strong radiation heat and explosion shock wave under the dual role of prone to collapse, a direct threat to the safety of field staff.
(5) Fire smoke concentration, serious constraints to combat operations. Magnesium combustion produces white smoke, long gather together. Magnesium fire, if the roof of the building has not been destroyed, the combustion of white smoke directly gathered in the building, the disposal of the fire forces caused great difficulties. Because, no matter what kind of lighting tools can not expand the vision of the officers and men of war, to the officers and men of reconnaissance and other combat operations brought great difficulties. Only to take smoke, to further expand the combat operations.
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