Jelly glue
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Gel glue appearance similar to jelly, in the printing and packaging industry called jelly glue. Gel gel is a new type of environmentally friendly adhesive, drawn from the natural, the main component of industrial gelatin (a kind of animal glue, that is Hot melt adhesive).

Jelly glue use of water as a solvent during using. SGS safety testing, non-toxic harmless. Adhesive performance is excellent, the smell of fragrance, processed products will not be crisp, deformation, moldy, blistering and so on. Divided by the drying rate: high speed, medium speed, low speed.

Jelly glue use for hard book, gift boxes cartons, wine boxes, cosmetics boxes, Tea Box, hardcover bookcase, albums, folders, dictionary dictionaries and other cover production. Production of high-end gift box paper making. As the main component of gel glue animal protein, does not contain benzene formaldehyde solvents, so non-toxic, truly environmentally friendly. No contamination of food and packaged goods. Jelly glue used in the production of products, not deformed, not blistering moldy, and can enhance the stiffness of the paper. Jelly glue in addition to a strong viscosity, but also a modest degree of softness, so hardcover books, recipes, dictionaries dictionary often fold the site is not easy to break.

Applicable machines: automatic box making machine, semi-automatic box making machine, automatic leather case machine, semi-automatic leather machine, all kinds of pasting machine, plastic machine and other gift box production line, hardcover book equipment.

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