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Gelatin (Gelatin) is made by the animal skin, bone, muscle, muscle charm and other connective tissue in the collagen part of the degradation and become white or light yellow, translucent, microstrip shiny sheet or powder; it is also called animal gelatin, fat glue.
Industrial gelatin is colorless to pale yellow transparent or translucent sheet or powder. Tasteless, odorless. Water swelling in cold water. Dissolved in hot water. Soluble in glycerol and acetic acid, insoluble in ethanol and ether.
Gelatin is a macromolecular hydrophilic colloid, is a high nutritional value of low-card health food, can be used to make candy additives, frozen food additives. In addition, gelatin is also widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
We JubaoChem are offering industrial grade gelatin, animal glue for many years. Old customers always can get a good price of gelatin, they buy it to use as firework raw materials, use in safety matches or Adhesives production. The hot sale gelatin specification is 250/90(bloom/viscosity), this specification is for Adhesives, safty matches use 330-350 bloom, Viscosity 12.5% at 60 °c 13-16 cps, foam 25-40mm. Fireworks use 330/140(bloom/viscosity).
Also, we can offer the jelly glue, this material is made by gelatin, use for hard cover book, every year we sell a stady quantity to our Colombia customer, the quality is reliable.
Our main market of gelatin, animal glue and jelly glue is Mexico, Colombia, Peru, ect, those South Middle America country, we also interested in other area market, wish our gelatin can sell to every where who in need of it.
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