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    Fireworks, Han working people invented earlier, mainly for military, grand ceremony or performance, and in modern society, only in the New Year's Eve people over the world could have the same activities in the same day. Fireworks are made up of a cylinder shell (paper, plastic, thin metal sheet, etc.), pyrotechnics, sealing materials, accessories (such as the tail base, cross arm, shaft and rod), ignition devices (such as lead, Electric ignition, etc.) composition. It uses the pyrotechnic incineration or explosion of light, color, sound, pneumatic, smoke and other effects, so that fireworks become a watch. Generally used for festive holiday, increase festive atmosphere.


    The beautiful coloer of Fireworks is due to different metal burning, the flame color reaction caused by different colors. Fireworks is the use of a variety of metal powder burning in the heat and constitute a variety of eye-catching colors. The use of different metals can produce different effects, issued a different color of light.

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