Firework Chemical Raw Materials
  • 2016-09-01 17:18:02
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JubaoChem Firworks Chemical Raw Materials

According to the different use, the fireworks chemcial we can offer 5 types:

1. Conventional materials: potassium chlorate, potassium perchlorate 

2. Red light materials: strontium nitrate, strontium carbonate

3. Green light materials: barium nitrate, barium chlorate

4. Fuse materials: Terephthalic acid potassium hydrogen, Potassium hydrogen phthalate

5. Roket fuel: ammonium perchlorate

6. Other metal powder (usually for sparkles): Mg powder, Al powder, Mg-Al alloy powder

Below are two different color fireworks fomula:

Purple light agent

Formula for purple light: potassium perchlorate 46%, 

purple light agent 20%, alloy 10%, resin 7%, strontium carbonate 8%, 

shellac 4% and ethylene 5% to make the core, by alcohol.

Blue light agent

1. formula I for blue light: potassium perchlorate 65%, 

blue light agent 25%, sulphur 4%, resin 6% and some alcohol, 

to make the core (usually use rapeseed as the kernel; must not mix alloy in the core);

igniting powder formula: black powder 53#, potassium perchlorate 20%, alloy 20%, resin 7%.2. 

2. formula II for blue light: potassium perchlorate 65%, 

blue light agent 18%, fine binding powder 2%,

sulphur 15% and some water to make the core.


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