Chemical properties of magnesium
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With a relatively strong reduction,with the reaction of boiling water to release hydrogen,combustion can produce dazzling white light,magnesium and fluoride

Hydrofluoric acid and chromic acid does not occur, nor caustic erosion, but easily soluble in organic and inorganic acids, magnesium can be directly with the nitrogen,Sulfur,and halogens. Organic chemicals, including hydrocarbons, aldehydes, alcohols, phenols, amines, fats and most oils, and magnesium are only slightly


Or not at all. But and halogenated hydrocarbons in anhydrous conditions, the reaction is more intense (the generation of Grignard reagent) magnesium and carbon dioxide

Combustion reaction occurs, so magnesium combustion can not be extinguished with carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Magnesium can react with N₂ and O₂, so magnesium is in the air burning, the intense burning issue dazzling white light, heat, generate white solid. Changes in the vinegar in the rapid emergence of bubbles


Floating in the vinegar surface, and gradually disappear. Some fireworks and lighting shells contain magnesium powder, is the use of magnesium in the air combustion can be issued

Dazzling white light nature. Magnesium element in the chemical reaction of the valence is usually +2 price.

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