Animal Glue
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  We use animal skin, bone or tendons and other raw materials, which contain collagen after partial hydrolysis, extraction and drying solids made of protein.
Color yellow to brown. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in organic solvents.
Its aqueous solution with surfactant, higher viscosity, cooling will freeze into a flexible gel, then heated to restore solutions.

The latter is a proprietary feature animal glue, gel strength can be quantitatively expressed customarily known as the freeze.

This is to determine the value of goods gelatin main physical properties, rigid gel formed under standard conditions.

 Commodity value increases with the gel strength increased. Gel strength is measured with a special instrument called a Bolu Mu meter, the "g" means.

Gelatine is mainly used for industrial adhesives, emulsifiers and emulsion stabilizers, flocculants when dressing, paper and textile industry sizing agent,
And a plate for the printing industry and the manufacture of ink rollers, etc., in the food, photographic materials, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and other areas of production also have a wide range of important uses.
Modern development of microencapsulation technology are animal glue the new fields of application.

Press materials can be divided into gelatin glue and hide glue two categories. Broadly speaking there are blood glue animal glue, fish glue, cheese glue, turtle shell, etc.,
However, these products do not, use is not widespread, are generally not included in the classification of animal glue; refined degree by product division,
Crude product for simple processing glue and hide glue, fine processing of refined products for the gelatin.
By product into gelatin and industrial glue (glue and hide glue) categories. It is much broader than the use of gelatin glue and hide glue.
Modern gelatin gelatin production enterprises are the main products. Customarily bone glue, hide glue and gelatin are collectively referred to as three plastic.

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