Aluminum Powder
  • 2017-11-30 17:53:08
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Aluminum powder, in China it is commonly known as "silver powder", that is, silver metal pigments, pure aluminum foil to add a small amount of lubricant, crushed by crushing into a squamous powder, and then polished. Aluminum powder light, high buoyancy, hiding power, light and heat reflection performance are good. After treatment, can also be non-floating aluminum powder. Aluminum powder can be used to identify fingerprints, can also do fireworks. Aluminum powder as a result of wide use, demand, variety, so it is a large category of metal pigments.

Below are some different type of aluminum powder that we JubaoChem can offer:

Flake aluminum powder, mainly used in toy firework, sparkle production, the particle size usually use -325mesh. The Active aluminum content have 60%, 70%, 85%, 95% etc. The flake aluminum powder also contain black aluminum powder, it used in fireworks explosion.

Granule aluminum powder, mainly used in White light shells, common particle size is 80-120mesh, its active aluminum content is 92%, we also can produce according to customer’s requirement.

Finally the packing of aluminum powder is use iron drum, 20’ container can load 11ton without pallet, 40’ container can load 24ton without pallet. If customers want to send us inquiry, please kindly inform us the specification and the quantity of Al powder you need.

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