Aluminum metal
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  Aluminum metal is a silver metallic pigment,pure aluminum foil,adding a small amount of lubricant,the pound hit the crushed the squamous powder,and then polished from aluminum light weight,high floating ability, hiding power,of heat and light reflection properties can also be treated to become non-leafing aluminum and aluminum powder can be used to identify the fingerprint,you can also do the fireworks. aluminum due to the versatile, high demand, many varieties,so the metal a large class of pigments. materialized traits and use unscented silver

  metal powder ignition temperature: 5900 °C, the lower limit of dust explosion: 40g/m3 used to manufacture: paints, inks, paints and fireworks, can also be used as a porous concrete additives. aluminum can also be used as treatment and medical supplies, in addition for the automotive and aircraft industries.

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