Metal Powder
  • Jelly glue
    • 2017-12-14 17:44:17
    • admin

    Gel glue appearance similar to jelly, in the printing and packaging industry called jelly glue. Gel gel is a new type of environmentally friendly adhesive, drawn from the natural, the main component of industrial gelatin (a kind of animal glue, that is Hot melt adhesive). Jelly glue use of water as a solvent during using. SGS safety testing, non-toxic harmless. Adhesive performance is excellent, t...

  • Potassium perchlorate
    • 2017-12-11 14:19:17
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    Potassium perchlorate powder CAS No. : 7778-74-7  H.S. Code : 2829900090 EINECS NO: 231-912-9  UN NO:1489 Chemical property: Potassium perchlorate powder is a strong oxidant Hazard Class: 5.1, 4.1 Application: Potassium perchlorate we supply can be used for fireworks raw material ,explosive, signal, rocket pripelling agent,...

  • Potassium nitrate
    • 2017-12-08 10:02:21
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    Product name: Potassium Nitrate 99.4%  Potassium nitrate formula: KNO3 CAS No.:  7757-79-1 EINECS No.: 231-818-8 Appearance: Colorless transparent prismatic or white particles or crystalline powder. Spicy and salty cool feeling. Micro-deliquescence, deliquescence slightly smaller than sodium nitrate. Solubility: soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, ether. Dissolved in water, heat...

  • Aluminum Powder
    • 2017-11-30 17:53:08
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    Aluminum powder, in China it is commonly known as "silver powder", that is, silver metal pigments, pure aluminum foil to add a small amount of lubricant, crushed by crushing into a squamous powder, and then polished. Aluminum powder light, high buoyancy, hiding power, light and heat reflection performance are good. After treatment, can also be non-floating aluminum powder. Aluminum powder can be u...

  • Potassium Chlorate
    • 2017-11-24 10:14:31
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    Potassium chlorate chemical formula KClO₃, colorless flaky crystal or white granules powder, taste salty and cool, strong oxidants. Stable at room temperature, above 400 ℃ decomposition and release of oxygen, and reductant, organic matter, flammable materials such as sulfur, phosphorus or metal powder mixture can form an explosive mixture, can be heated when the explosion. So potassium chlorate is...

  • Magnesium powder
    • 2017-10-30 18:07:17
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    Usually refers to the state of the powder magnesium powder, mainly by the electrolytic melting of magnesium chloride and electrolytic melting of the dewalite to prepare. Magnesium powder (magnesiumpowder), silver-white metallic luster of the powder, lively metal, wet flammable items. Burning produces a strong white light and releases high heat. Water or moisture violent reaction to release hydroge...

  • Gelatin
    • 2017-10-17 11:11:37
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    Gelatin (Gelatin) is made by the animal skin, bone, muscle, muscle charm and other connective tissue in the collagen part of the degradation and become white or light yellow, translucent, microstrip shiny sheet or powder; it is also called animal gelatin, fat glue. Industrial gelatin is colorless to pale yellow transparent or translucent sheet or powder. Tasteless, odorless. Water swelling in cold...

  • safety storage for fireworks chemical materials
    • 2017-09-28 16:30:01
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    We JubaoChem is offering fireworks chemical materials for years, most hot sale chemical is Potassium Chlorate, Potassium Perchlorate, Barium Nitrate, Ammonium Pechlorate and Potassium Nitrate,  last year in Mexico there was an accident in a fireworks factory, we feel so sad about this issue, here will introduce the trasport, storage precautions for anyone may in need. Potassium Chlorate Indus...

  • The luminous effect of fireworks
    • 2017-07-19 13:11:06
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    The luminous effect is a major effect of fireworks. Whether it can play a lighting effect of the lighting agent, or can produce bright stars of the pharmaceutical, can produce a flash of the effect of extinguishing agents, they produce fireworks effects are inseparable from the luminous effect. (Such as aluminum powder, magnesium aluminum alloy powder, etc.) in the pharmaceutical combustion can pr...