2017-12-08 15:52:41

There are many chemical factory discontinued rectification since China start the Environmental Inspection,

at present many factory all extend the delivery time,

Fortunately, the hot sale material potassium chlorate use in fireworks can deliver in time,

usually 25ton only need 3-5days can finish production,  and can be shipped round 1week.

In the latest order to Mexico, we make a full protection to avoid moist during the shipping. 

as the picture showed, we seal the vents of container, hang up at least 9 desiccant on container wall.

The desiccant in the bag we can offer silica and lime,

Now the Mexico customer prefer the silica desiccant,

factory suggest the lime desiccant, its water absorption is better than silica.

what desiccant you will use in your country?

Welcome to share your potassium chlorate purchase plan,

we will offer you a reference price.